Oh baby all my limbs are buzzing
My lips pursed in delight
Ecstatic in this artificial light
For a moment I am alright
My masks off,
My chains dropped
The creeping vines of
Ever-questioning madness stopped

The taste of juniper lingers
Sugar remains stuck to my fingers
I play my repertoire of dope-ass soul singers
And I ice this out
Rid this doubt
Ride the wave of "okay" throughout
Im sorry, I’ve been robotic
Tightened bolts, I must stop it
Oil my hinges, fill the syringes
With a smokey hit of Johnny’s Walking

Oh this fire heats from within
Oh this fire forgives my sins
Oh this fire lifts my soul from it’s depths
Oh this fire brings me down for a rest
It hurts my head, and churns my guts
But that’s tomorrow. Today, go nuts.